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Persuasive Writing Task on Junk Mail

Jack Todhunter | Friday August 07, 2009


Design some junk mail for yourself.

Junk mail hits our doormats and email inboxes daily.

  • How do you stop the recipients simply sticking it straight in the bin?
  • How do you ensnare potential customers?
  • What ruses do you employ?
  • Which psychological tricks do you use to your advantage?
  • How do you make people think the envelope is worth opening?

Gather some junk mail and see what the professionals do. Cut out bits to help you in your design.

Think of a product you would like to push!

Just take a look at an email I received recently. This is a scam. Be warned! What techniques have they used to try and gain my confidence?

Queen Anne’s Foundation
Registered in London No 45389201
Qualification numbers (F-027877-0147, D-6833320-115)

You are hereby notified by our organization that you just won a Donation
sum of 650,000.00 GBPS ( Six Hundred And Fifty Thousand Pounds).

You are advised to contact immediately the secretary with the information
below once you receive this mail for further instructions on how you are
to claim your donation prize.

Please also quote your qualification numbers to our secretary for security

Qualification numbers (F-027877-0147) must be quoted in all discussions.

Contact information below:
Executive Secretary - Dr. Terence Edward Panthe
Email: foundationclaimoffice@lemure.com

Foundation Form
You are to immediately fill the form and return as soon as possible.

Name Of Winner:
Marital Status:
Tel No:
Fax No:
Postal Address:
Winning E-mail Address:
Qualification Numbers:

Mrs. Stacey Sapprey
(Foundation Online Officer)

You could collect similar online scams to examine the approaches people use to get in your wallet. Bullet point the techniques employed and note any strange English usage that might give you clues about where the spam comes from.