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Richard Gent | Tuesday December 08, 2015

Categories: Community Q&A, Schemes

Over the Christmas holidays (!) I have to review what constitutes a good Scheme of Work and in this ever-changing game of teaching, what was once desirable (super-prescriptive, lesson-by-lesson breakdowns) has now become old hat. I’m particularly interested in seeing how colleagues record their SoW and wonder if anyone would share with me their template of how they record a SoW (or just a SOW if easier) in their school? I would be exceedingly grateful to receive any help from teaching colleagues. Many thanks in anticipation - and wishing you a very Happy Christmas. Kind regards, Brian

I go lesson by lesson rather than via a template. I could send powerpoints…. Stacey Reay

I can send him some of ours, but we seem to be stuck in the ‘detailed lessons plans heading toward an assessment’ focus. We do tend to plan lessons/learning but some lessons may take more than the set hour, so more flexible in that way. Liz Sim

We have felt for a long time that schemes of work are too prescriptive and focus excessively on tasks, rather than skill mastery. So we write schedules of learning, with suggested learning objectives. Pros - freedom to tailor to needs of class, flexibility, not as tied to content delivery. Cons - can be harder for less experienced staff to get to grips with. I’ve attached a couple. Feel free to fire any questions my way. Helen Hinde

  • Draft Schedule for KS3 Year 9 Lit Poetry
  • Schedule for KS4 Year 10 Autumn 2 Extract Analysis
  • Schedule for KS4 Year 11 Jan Entry English IGCSE Schedule 1516.docx

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