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Beth Kemp | Thursday August 04, 2011

Categories: Hot Entries, Teaching Ideas & Skills Development

Revision is something which is increasingly begun in the classroom, or is requested by students, often in the form of “can we go over x again??.  Revision is, of course, a largely personal activity but students frequently lack the skills or confidence to just get on with it, particularly since they tend to see English as a subject that you ‘can’t really revise for’.

Revising in the classroom is therefore useful to both actively revisit the necessary knowledge and skills for the exams, and also to demonstrate revision activities that can be further used at home.  With this in mind, it is productive to explicitly discuss in the classroom matters such as home revision, techniques used for other subjects, and how classroom activities can be adapted for personal use.  This kind of discussion is also highly valuable in terms of wider study skills, independence and students’ evaluation of their own learning.

This guide includes ideas for different kinds of revision, as well as some pointers to other areas within the teaching ideas section of EnglishEdu, where suitable ideas are also to be found.  It is divided into two main sections, dealing with recall and application, as these are two key stages of revision: recalling facts, labels and ideas and then applying them to data, texts and essay questions.

A Revision Discussion

Students discuss and assess their revision strategies.

  • Students work in pairs or small groups to compare their experiences of revision, and to share tips with each other.
  • In pairs or small groups, students discuss how they revise for other subjects and choose a few of these approaches to adopt or adapt for their English revision, preparing to explain these to the class.
  • Students evaluate their knowledge of required topics against a checklist, and use this to prioritise their own revision programme.
  • Students use a checklist of required topics and skills to plan their revision, jotting down ideas for how they...

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