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Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scene 1

Steph Atkinson | Monday September 21, 2009

Categories: Drama, Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare, Shakespeare's Plays

How does Shakespeare use dramatic devices in Act 1 Scene 1 in order to make it an interesting, exciting and important scene?


Your introduction should begin to address the question immediately. It should introduce some of the key ideas you will explore in more detail later. Ensure you introduce some of the key ‘dramatic devices’ discussed in class. You should aim to give some Brief details about:

  • How this scene sets in motion the key ideas/themes that are played out in the rest of the play (e.g. love, violence, conflict)
  • How dramatic tensions/conflicts are established
  • What devices Shakespeare uses to hold the audience’s interest – imagine you are watching the play

Main part:

Your following paragraphs should link to your introduction and should cover the points you have introduced there in more detail. You can choose what to write about according to your opinion of how Shakespeare ‘uses dramatic devices in Act 1 Scene 1 in order to make it an interesting exciting and important scene’. Where relevant, you must integrate some ideas about how Shakespeare was influenced by his social, historical and cultural context – this means you must consider how Shakespeare’s language and structure may have been influenced by what was happening around him at the time he was writing. Some possible areas to consider are:

  • The methods Shakespeare uses to create atmosphere at the start of the scene (look at character and language)
  • Why Sampson and Gregory are first on stage and what it tells you about their relationship and the conflict between Montagues and Capulets
  • How characters’ positioning on stage might show the audience the characters’ relationship
  • Think of the stage as having height and width – how might the actors use height and distance in this scene and what dramatic effects might this have?
  • How close people get at different stages and at what point do characters become closer?
  • What are the dramatic impacts...

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