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Romeo and Juliet Act Three Scene One - Activity Three

Steph Atkinson | Monday September 21, 2009

Categories: Drama, Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare, Shakespeare's Plays

Question: In Act 3 Scene 1, what do we discover about the characters’ various attitudes to violence in this scene?


  • The language used by the key characters (Benvolio, Mercutio, Tybalt, Romeo, Prince, Lady Capulet)
  • Who the characters are speaking to and how this affects their attitude
  • What each character’s attitude is and what it tells you about them
  • What the audience’s reaction would be to each character
  • How the language might reflect social, historical and cultural attitudes
  • Use the planning grid to gather quotations and ideas about each character’s language and attitude to violence.
  • Aim to write at least 3 sides of A4 (equal to 750 words) – this mini-essay will later form part of your coursework.
  • Your introduction should give an overview as to what ideas about violence are expressed in this scene, e.g. ‘The Prince decides to punish violence in the city of Verona with more violence because…’, ‘Tybalt’s attitude to violence is…which reflects…’, ‘In contrast, Romeo says that violence is….because…’
  • Use one or two paragraphs to explore each of the 6 key characters listed above (you can do them in any order). Analyse the language they use closely and consider its dramatic effects
  • As you write, try to compare characters’ attitudes to violence with other characters, e.g. compare Romeo and Tybalt, by using comparison phrases, e.g. ‘In contrast’, ‘On one hand…on the other hand
  • Your conclusion should discuss what you think Shakespeare’s overall purpose was in including Act 3 Scene 1, specifically in relation to how violence is portrayed and discussed by his characters.


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