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Jack Todhunter | Wednesday August 04, 2010

Categories: Speaking & Listening, Individual, Group

The life of rock star Jim Glennie.

Lots of students quite like the idea of being a rock star…the fame, the fortune the glitz.

Students from school in South Yorkshire interviewed rock star Jim Glennie from the band “James?.

If at first you do not recognise the name of Jim or his band, check out the video and we are sure you might know their material.

  • What instrument does Jim play?
  • How does he cope with fame?
  • What role did Jim’s school play in helping him become a rock star?
  • How would Jim like to teach music in school if he was a teacher?
  • What do YOU think of Jim’s approach to learning about music in school?


Now, use Jim’s philosophy on teaching and learning to look closely at your subjects in school.

  • Do you enjoy any particular areas of the curriculum? Why?
  • Do you not enjoy some lessons and/or subjects? Why not?
  • Did you “drop? any particular subjects that you studied earlier in school? If so, why? Was it your choice that you drop them? If not your choice, whose was it?
  • Do you now regret dropping a particular subject? If so, why?
  • In most schools, some subjects are compulsory. Which ones? Why?


Think of ONE subject in school where you would like to change the way it is taught.

  • Which subject would that be?
  • What changes would you like to take place and why?

You are going to put ideas together for a class debate or discussion. Organise your ideas to address your classmates. The motion or topic is “For students to learn better, school subjects should be enjoyable!?

When you have listened to what other people have to say you will have to vote for the best argument.

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