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Snow White Creative Writing Assignment

Jack Todhunter | Friday August 07, 2009


You have all heard of the famous fairy tale of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.

Fairy tales often end with the cliché “and they all lived happily ever after.? The play below starts to suggest that this is not always the case. Sometimes things crop up to suggest the tale is not quite finished.Read the play and discuss with your friends what might happen next and before you know it you’ll have a sequel!

Scene One

Seven Dwarfs’ cottage.

Doc: (To audience) Hey up you lot. I’m Doc one of the Seven Dwarfs. Remember us?

Sneezy: Atishoo! Yes, we helped Snow White out a couple of years back. We were in all the papers.

Doc: Shush! I can hear someone coming. Oh it’s only Happy . Thank goodness for that.

Happy: Hey up Doc!

Doc: Hey up Happy! While I keep a lookout for Dopey can you explain to our friends here about our secret?

Happy: My pleasure Doc.

Doc: Just keep your voice down or we’re in dead trouble.

Happy: What?

Doc: Shush! I said keep your voice down or Dopey might hear us.

Happy: Oh, I see. Right today is Dopey’s birthday and we are going to throw a surprise party for him.

Doc: The trouble is, Dopey keeps walking in on us.

Sneezy: It’s okay, I sent him off to walk the dog.

Doc: But we haven’t got a dog.

Sneezy: I know that. You know that. The thing is, any minute now even Dopey will realise we haven’t got one too.

(Enter Bashful, Sleepy and Grumpy singing Heigh, Ho! carrying things for the surprise party.)

Doc: What kept you lot?

Bashful: Sorry we’re late Doc but Dopey came to look for a ball for the dog to chase.

Doc: But we haven’t got a dog!

Happy: Dopey’s not worked that out yet. Let’s get things ready. (They start to decorate room singing Whistle While You Work)

Doc: Quick! Hide everything. Here he comes now!

(All dwarfs hide the bits and pieces up jumpers etc. Enter Dopey)

Dopey: (Utterly shattered he sits down)

Bashful: What’s up with you Dopey?

Dopey: It’s that pesky dog . Every time I threw...

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