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Supporting Materials for Writing an Argument Style Essay

Steph Atkinson | Monday September 07, 2009

Categories: Hot Entries, Writing, Essays, AQA A Level, EDEXCEL A Level, OCR A Level, WJEC A Level

Exemplar Argument Style Essays for all English Literature and English Language & Literature Specifications

The following two essays were written by the author as part of her English Literature A Level. Although they address the requirements of a legacy A Level specification, these resources can be used in two main ways, whatever specification you are following:

  • as generic examples of argument-style essays. These two examples are accompanied by commentaries which follow each paragraph and trace how the writer has constructed and developed an argument, integrated literary terminology, used quotation and analysis, integrated relevant context, compared texts (where relevant) and written in a fluent and persuasive way. All these features are common to any literature-based A level specification (and most are also useful for English Language essays), and so these two essays may be useful as style models for students who will be producing any kind of argument-style essay (either in coursework or examinations)
  • as essays which address a topic or text relevant to individual specifications. This will be indicated where relevant in the introductory commentary for each essay

Exemplar 1: Comparison of cross-generation relationships in Great Expectations and Martha Quest

This essay explores the key theme of cross-generation relationships in the two novels, specifically focusing on those between Pip and Magwitch, Estella and Miss Havisham and Martha and her parents. All these relationships contain elements of a parent-child relationship and the essay explores the ways in which the two authors use this as a basis for their writing.

The topic of cross-generation relationships and the texts Great Expectations and Martha Quest dealt with in this essay may be useful for:

English Literature

  • AQA A Option A (Victorian Literature): LTA1A (Great Expectations as Wider Reading); LITA2 (Great Expectations as an alternative coursework text); LITA3 (Great...

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