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Beth Kemp | Tuesday June 07, 2011

Categories: Teaching Ideas & Skills Development


This collection of tried and tested classroom ideas is intended to help add variety, particularly to the A Level classroom. 

There are things that need to be practised, in order for students to develop the requisite skills, but it’s still important to ring the changes, for our own sake at least as much as for the students’!

The idea is for this collection to provide ways of meeting those constantly repeating needs with as much variety as possible.  All ideas also indicate where and how differentiation can be planned in, or how the ideas can be adapted for different abilities and levels of motivation and interest.

Minimizing Preparation

We also recognise that new ideas requiring three hours’ preparation for every classroom hour are not those most particularly welcomed, so the preference here is for ideas which require minimal or no prep, although there will be a few gems that are worth getting the scissors out for!  To make it clear, all activities include a list of required items, like an ingredients list, so you can see straight away if something is usable after lunch or not until next week…  Some ideas also feature ‘optional extras’ which may improve differentiation, or increase the administrative preparation for a bit more gloss.

You will certainly have come across many, if not all of these ideas before – we are absolutely not attempting to claim their invention – but hopefully, collecting them together like this will be helpful.  And who hasn’t used an interesting method once successfully, only to get bogged down in day-to-day stuff and clean forget it?


We have tried to make these as clear as possible, and all suggestions are focused on skills more than knowledge.  You won’t find a section on ‘Teaching Othello’ (although EnglishEdu does have a very comprehensive guide to teaching the play at A Level - click here, if this is of interest), but the one on ‘working with drama texts’ might be...

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