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WJEC Eduqas GCSE Eng Lit Component 2: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Sample Response

iyerm | Wednesday January 01, 2014


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The following sample answer is in response to the sample question provided by WJEC Eduqas in their sample assessment materials. The question and mark scheme can be found by clicking on this link to the WJEC Eduqas website.

Sample Answer and AO Links

One way that tension is created in this extract is through the use of hyperbole and melodrama[1]. At the start of the extract, Poole arrives with news of his master. He states “I wish I may die if I like it? and his “terror? is explicitly mentioned by the narrator. Such exaggeration [2] in the servant’s manner and the use of language patterns associated with extreme fear, adds to the tension [3] and excitement of the scenario by implying that something terrible is afoot.

Stevenson employs similar methods [4] when describing Hyde in the rest of book as people claim “extreme? fear and a “downright detestable? view of him. This he adds to the melodrama of Hyde’s character as well as foreshadowing the terrible crimes he will commit. A Victorian reader would most definitely have appreciated this method;  the Gothic genre was most popular at that time [5]; a genre defined by melodrama and tension.

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