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WJEC Eduqas GCSE Eng Lit Component 2: Never Let Me Go Scheme Lessons 11 - 20

Chris Barcock | Monday April 29, 2013


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Lessons 11 - 20

Lesson Eleven

Writing Task

Remind yourself of the following passage from the novel and answer the question that follows. You should take about 30 minutes to do this.

It would be too easy to claim it was just Ruth who kept the secret guard going long after we’d naturally outgrown it. Sure enough the guard was important to her. She’d known about the plot for much longer than the rest of us, and this gave her enormous authority; by hinting that the real evidence came from a time before people like me had joined – that there were things she’d yet to reveal even to us – she could justify almost any decision she made on behalf of the group. If she decided someone should be expelled, for example, and she sensed opposition, she’d just allude darkly to stuff she knew “from before?. There’s no question Ruth wanted to keep the whole thing going. But the truth was, those of us who’d grown close to her, we each played a part in preserving the fantasy and making it last as long as possible.

Explore this moment and another of your own choice to show how Kazuo Ishiguro presents the complex relationship between Kathy and Ruth through Kathy’s narrative and how it relates to the major preoccupations of the novel.

Plenary/Extension Task

When you have completed your writing and handed it in go on to read/remind yourself of the final two paragraphs of this section on P185. “It wasn’t long after that I made my decision…… I was saying my goodbyes.?

The suggestion here is that Kathy has made a spur of the moment decision to leave the cottages and move on in her life and career. But in many ways these two short paragraphs are ones that we have...

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