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WJEC Eng Lit Paper 3: Controlled Assessments Linked Texts Guide

Beth Kemp | Tuesday October 21, 2014

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This Controlled Assessment can also be used for GCSE English. It requires students to study a Shakespeare play (any except Othello or Much Ado About Nothing) and a cluster of fifteen poems from the WJEC poetry anthology (poems are allocated to set clusters by the board, according to theme – this changes annually and is notified in advance, to allow for completion in year 10 for submission in year 11).

The specification changes require students to demonstrate that they have studied the entire play and a full cluster of poems, although the CA guidance suggests that students should write about two or three poems in depth and perhaps briefly reference others. Similarly, it is acceptable for students to analyse a small number of scenes in depth, but they should also show knowledge of the play as a whole.

Students have four hours’ total writing time, which the centre may organise as they wish. Candidates must address three strands: How the Shakespeare play explores the theme; how the poetry explores the theme; links between the texts in terms of the theme. The title(s) given to the students may break the work up into these three sections, or students can produce one piece of work which ranges across all three areas. Students can be directed to focus on one particular poem, as long as they are also told to “refer to other poems” in their work (but do note that it is a problem if a student only discusses a single poem in their assessment piece).

This component represents 25% of the English Literature GCSE and offers students up to 40 raw marks, or 50 UMS marks. Please note that the additional requirement for English Literature specifications to assess Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar has not been applied to this unit (the additional SPaG marks have been allocated to Unit 2a or 2b).

Assessment Objectives

AO1, AO2 and AO3 are assessed on this paper, with 50% of the marks allocated to AO3.


Respond to texts critically and...

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