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Year 10 Romeo and Juliet Coursework Feedback

Steph Atkinson | Monday September 21, 2009

Categories: Drama, Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare, Shakespeare's Plays



What you’ve done really well

  • Shown a very good understanding of the play as a whole
  • Started to use quotation to back up your ideas
  • Shown an understanding of what quotations mean
  • Structured your essays clearly and effectively
  • Analysed how characters’ attitudes to violence change
  • Explained why violence is important to the play as a whole
  • Used a wide range of vocabulary
  • Started to show a personal response
  • Shown how Shakespeare is still relevant today

What you need to develop

  • Montagues and Capulets are plurals – don’t stick apostrophes in them! (Montague’s and Capulet’s)
  • Be tentative (i.e. open-minded) – don’t say ‘Sampson and Gregory STAND next to each other’; say ‘Sampson and Gregory MAY STAND next to each other…’ or ‘COULD STAND next to each other’. This shows you are aware it is possible to interpret the play in different ways (Grade A)
  • In conjunction with this, aim to interpret language and characters’ actions in more than one way, showing your ability to explore different interpretations (Grade A)
  • Use the author’s name as much as possible to show you realise that Shakespeare has created the characters, ideas, language and stagecraft
  • If you discuss stage placement and positioning, mention that you did it in class – don’t make it sound like you’re guessing
  • Build in context at every opportunity, e.g. violence, love, revenge, women, religion…
  • Use quotations much more and don’t just translate them; analyse the language and its significance, e.g. ‘The Prince’s use of the negative term ‘beasts’ to describe his citizens shows…’
  • Don’t use ‘Whereas’ at the start of a sentence; it’s used as a comparative word after a comma, e.g. ‘Miss Green is a terrifying, malevolent creature, whereas Miss Brown is gentle and kind.’
  • Cheque you’re spelling reely carefully; their our lots of confoosing spellings, espeshully ‘...

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