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Grade Descriptors for new GCSE English Language and English Literature »

Richard Gent | Thursday June 16, 2016

Categories: Community Q&A, Assessment

Please find links below to the Performance Descriptors for the new Grade 8, 5 and 2 for English Language and English Literature on the Ofqual website. These should be read alongside the new grading diagram from Ofqual which is also included below and the Awarding Body mark schemes.

New GCSE Grading Structure


English Language

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Controlled Assessment Titles for AQA GCSE English Language 4705 Spec »

Richard Gent | Thursday January 07, 2016

Categories: Community Q&A, Assessment

I have been teaching English 19 years and recently changed from lecturing in a college to key stage learners in a secure unit. We have students come and go at all stages throughout the year and I currently have 3 that need to do some controlled assessments from the AQA GCSE English Language 4705 spec. The problem is, I have little experience of designing the controlled assessments titles. Always being part of a massive team in the past, I delivered the exam prep and colleagues took other parts of the course. My new workplace has no other staff...

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Progress Trackers »

Richard Gent | Tuesday October 06, 2015

Categories: Community Q&A, Assessment

Does anyone have an example of a progress tracker for students to stick in their books? Thanks, Laura Saunders

These are progress trackers I’ve designed for a range of subjects - mainly at Key stage 5. They could be adapted. Students find them very useful - particularly boys. Graham Thorpe

  • AS Language Tracker Sheet
  • Film Studies Progress Checker
  • 2015 A2 Language Grade Boundaries and Progress Trackers
  • 2015 A2 Literature Grade Boundaries and Progress Trackers

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