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A Teacher’s Guide to OCR AS F662: Literature Post-1900 »

Paul Merrell | Friday October 18, 2013

Categories: Drama, Analysing Drama, Hot Entries, Poetry, Prose, Analysing Prose, Writing, Analytical Writing, Drama Analysis, Literary Analysis, Poetry Analysis, Prose Analysis, Re-Creative Writing, OCR A Level English Literature, F662, KS5 Archive, OCR A Level

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This is, by far, my favourite unit to teach across OCR’s A Level – and it is the one that, most fairly, seems to reward the hard work of the pupil.

Whereas the F661 and F663 examination units can be, understandably, nerve-wracking affairs, and the F664 coursework requires a complex juggling act of a range of challenging texts, F662 feels pleasantly straightforward. What’s more, the fact it is worth 40% of your pupils’ marks makes it a unit for which it is well worth ensuring you prepare them...

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein PPTs »

Sarah Knightley | Wednesday November 07, 2012

Categories: KS4, OCR GCSE, WJEC Eduqas GCSE, Hot Entries, Prose, Frankenstein, Writing, Prose Analysis, EDEXCEL A Level English Literature, OCR GCSE English Literature, WJEC GCSE English Literature, AQA A Level English Language & Literature A, AQA A Level English Language & Literature B, AQA A Level English Literature A, AQA A Level English Literature B, EDEXCEL A Level English Language & Literature, OCR A Level English Language & Literature, OCR A Level English Literature, F661, F662, WJEC A Level English Language & Literature, WJEC A Level English Literature, KS5 Archive, AQA A Level, EDEXCEL A Level, OCR A Level, WJEC A Level


Associated Resources

  • 1. Shelley - Frankenstein Walton’s Letters 1-4.pptx
  • 2. Shelley - Frankenstein Allusions and Victor Ch 1-4.pptx
  • 3. Shelley - Frankenstein The Birth of the Creature Ch 5-8.pptx
  • 4. Shelley - Frankenstein Families Ch 15 Focus.pptx
  • 5. Shelley - Frankenstein The Trial Ch 16-17.pptx
  • 6. Shelley - Frankenstein Female Characters Ch18-20.pptx

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