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GCSE English Literature Student’s Guide to An Inspector Calls »

Shirley Bierman | Wednesday April 02, 2014

Categories: KS4, AQA GCSE, EDEXCEL GCSE, EDEXCEL iGCSE, EDEXCEL iGCSE English Language, EDEXCEL iGCSE English Literature, Paper 1 Prose and Drama, OCR GCSE, Drama, An Inspector Calls , Hot Entries, Writing, Analytical Writing, Drama Analysis, Essays, AQA English Literature, Unit 1 Exploring Modern Texts, Edexcel English Literature, Unit 3 Shakespeare and Contemporary Drama, OCR GCSE English Literature, Unit A662

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Focusing on the analysis of form, structure and language

For any text you study for your GCSE English Literature coursework, controlled assessments or exam, to gain a high grade, the exam board’s mark scheme requires you to analyse and discuss effective aspects of form, structure and language. Many teachers call this “FSL?. In practice, most students cope well with analysing and discussing the useful effects created by...

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Edexcel iGCSE English and English Literature Guide to Anthology Texts »

Steph Atkinson | Thursday November 21, 2013

Categories: KS4, EDEXCEL iGCSE, EDEXCEL iGCSE English Language, Paper 1 Reading and Writing, Paper 2 Reading and Writing, EDEXCEL iGCSE English Literature, Paper 1 Prose and Drama, Paper 2 Poetry Unseen, Hot Entries, Media & Non-Fiction, Analysing Media & Non-Fiction, Poetry, Anthologies, Pre-2015 Anthologies, Edexcel iGCSE Anthology, Prose, Writing, Analytical Writing, Literary Analysis, Non-Fiction Analysis, Media Analysis, Poetry Analysis, Prose Analysis

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Overview and Guide to Grids for the Edexcel Anthology Texts

These teaching grids can be used with any GCSE syllabus for which the analysis of non-fiction, media, poetry or prose is required. Whilst initially intended for those pupils sitting the Edexcel English Language and English Literature iGCSE / Certificates, they have been created to work across all exam boards and to be multi-purpose, hopefully providing a worthwhile...

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