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A Level English Language & Literature ELLA3 Revision Guide »

Beth Kemp | Tuesday May 21, 2013

Categories: Drama, Analysing Drama, Hot Entries, Poetry, Prose, Analysing Prose, Writing, Analytical Writing, Comparative Analysis, Drama Analysis, Literary Analysis, Linguistic Analysis, Non-Fiction Analysis, Poetry Analysis, Prose Analysis, Speech Analysis, Transformative or Editorial Writing, Transcribed Conversations, AQA A Level English Language & Literature A, ELLA3, KS5 Archive, AQA A Level

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  2. ELLA3 Answering the Comparative Analysis Question
  3. ELLA3 Comparative Analysis Question
  4. ELLA3 Comparative Analysis Exemplar Response
  5. ELLA3 Answering the Adaptation Question
  6. ELLA3 Adaptation Exemplar Cupcakes Response
  7. ELLA3 Adaptation Exemplar House Somewhere Response
  8. ELLA3 Adaptation Checklist

This pack is to be used in conjunction with the ELLA3 paper set in Jan 2013 (the first with the new set sections in Section B), currently available on eAQA under ‘secure key materials’. It will...

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Developing Writing Skills: Productive, Creative, Original; Transformative, Editorial »

Beth Kemp | Monday June 13, 2011

Categories: Hot Entries, Writing, Productive, Creative or Original Writing, Transformative or Editorial Writing, Teaching Ideas & Skills Development

The skills of producing original writing are required in many specifications, particularly for Language and combined Language and Literature courses, and it can be a challenge to vary the presentation and practice of this very skill-focused aspect of English. Some specifications require students to write in different styles, or for different audiences and purposes under exam conditions, in which case students need preparing for a range of different types of writing, while others use productive skills only in coursework. Even with the latter,...

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