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A GCSE English Literature Guide to Macbeth and Browning’s Monologues »

Steph Atkinson | Tuesday November 19, 2013

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In Macbeth, Shakespeare’s context seems to have brought him to want to explore several ideas to create an entertaining and tense plot, ideas that bring us an awareness of the guiding themes of the play; perhaps the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth is one of the most central, encompassing as it does they key themes of conflict, control and power. At GCSE, the play is often used as part of a controlled assessment task (CAT) in which students explore the presentation of a theme and compare it with the...

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AQA GCSE English Literature Unit 3b Sister Maude Monologue Scheme »

Aimee Williams | Tuesday October 23, 2012

Categories: KS4, AQA GCSE, AQA GCSE Pre-2015 Resources, AQA English Literature, Unit 3 Significance of Shakespeare, Hot Entries, Poetry, Rossetti, Sister Maude, Writing, Analytical Writing, Poetry Analysis



Write a monologue for a character from a literary text you have read.

Image: La Ghirlandata by Dante Gabriel Rossetti


  • AQA GCSE English Literature Unit 3b Sister Maude Monologue Scheme.docx

Associated Resources

  • Punctuation.docx
  • Mono Opening.docx
  • Victorian Female.docx
  • Semi Colon Revision.docx
  • Sister Maude.pptx
  • Reptile - passage from Sister Maude.pptx
  • Reptile.pdf
  • Maude’s Thoughts.docx
  • Imagery Sister Maude.docx
  • Thoughts and Feelings.docx
  • What I need to do for a grade C or above.docx

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