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Two thirds of the Top 100 schools in the United Kingdom are subscribers to Edusites. We are celebrating our ten-year anniversary of providing high quality resources to English departments in the UK and across the world. A yearly subscription of £95.94 enables a whole English department to access all our online GCSE English Language and Literature resources. Individual subscriptions give a single teacher access for just £5.99 on a rolling monthly subscription. Our prices include VAT.


Edusites English commissions writers, teachers and advisors paid for their expertise to create our weekly Friday Takeaway; a new resource dropped into your inbox. Edusites English offers a series of outstanding schemes of work and assessment packs for the new specifications for GCSE (9-1) English Language and English Literature. See our New GCSE Schemes & Assessment Packs for further information. Our Assessment Packs, which include trial papers, mark schemes and support notes, have been developed by experienced English assessors with extensive awarding body experience. They have been thoroughly reviewed and edited after feedback from independent scrutineers to ensure they are both authentic and accurate. Our new GCSE English resources contain: detailed online GCSE English lesson plans for the new specs; a lesson-by-lesson focus on GCSE English assessment objectives; close links to the AOs throughout the schemes; skills-based learning objectives to ensure progress can be shown; a wide range of activities to increase engagement and attainment for all learners; opportunities for assessment including mock papers, marking guidelines and indicative content.

#EducatingNorthants | Be part of the conversation


Edusites are proud to be running a session and exhibiting at #EducatingNorthants in 2019.

We are really pleased that this conference is being held in our home town and that we have been given the opportunity to speak.

They are a movement of local teachers & educators who believe in Northamptonshire and are optimistic and aspirational for its future. They represent teachers and children across all schools and settings in the county, from nursery through to colleges and the university.

The inaugural #EducatingNorthants conference will take place on Saturday 30th March 2019 at the University of Northampton’s new Waterside Campus. The aim is for hundreds of teachers across the county to come together to take part in world class professional learning and development.

Why #EducatingNorthants?

  • To tell a good-news story about Northamptonshire.
  • To provide a forum for Northamptonshire educators to be part of the conversation about the future of our county’s schools.
  • To offer the very best professional learning and development for teachers from all phases.

Some of the country’s foremost speakers, experts and specialists in education will be running sessions and speaking - including us!