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3 Pugh Poems for Discussion and Analysis in Groups

Andrea Lewis | Monday November 30, 2009


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by Sheenagh Pugh

Stanza 1

  • What kind of atmosphere is created in the first stanza? List any words which particularly contribute to this effect.
  • What does the word ‘tacked’ suggest about the construction of these ‘guys’?
  • The first two sentences in this stanza present a November scene effectively but after the ‘But…’ a significant development occurs in the poem. What is it? Notice how the position of the first two words in the last line of stanza 1 gives them extra emphasis.
  • In what ways are these eyes ‘ownerless’?

Stanza 2

  • Which words and phrases convey the attitude of the children to the real ‘guys’? List them.
  • Comment on the list of three nouns used to describe the ‘rivals’.
  • What is the tone of the last two lines of this verse?

Stanza 3

  • Discuss this last stanza. What has it got to do with the previous one?
  • What is the significance of the mention of a ‘merry death’? What is the significance of ‘a warlock circle’?
  • What do you think Pugh is exploring here?

To look at:

The rhyme scheme – analyse how it works and consider the effect of half rhyme.

Find an example of an oxymoron.
Find an effective use of alliteration and discuss why it is effective.


  • Which Duffy poems could you link this with?

The Haggard and the Falconer

by Sheenagh Pugh

Stanza 1

  • What does this verse tell the reader about the process of training a hawk?
  • Which words suggest the painfulness of the process?
  • Comment on the significance of the choice of the word ‘torturers’.
  • What are the rewards for the...

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