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The Red Room Short Story Lessons

Emily Prentice | Tuesday January 28, 2020

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This Unit: The Red Room

Skills for Fiction Language GCSE

  • This unit is number 3 of 5 focused on the skills needed for the GCSE English Language Fiction assessment objectives
  • The Red Room contains 5 lessons delivered through Online Slides (Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer)
  • Attached resources which will need to be printed for each student and used in each of the 6 lessons
  • This unit 3 of 5 is appropriate for mid to long term cover.

In class

  • Each lesson has activities planned
  • You might also use for weekly vocabulary

Fiction Language GCSE

  • The style of the questions and the skills being tested are in line with the GCSE English assessment objectives.

In Intervention

  • This can be used with a teacher or LSA who is guiding students who are struggling with their reading and analysis, to assist students who need more practice in writing analytically.  In this case, the lessons on creative writing can be omitted.

Speaking and Listening component for GCSE

  • The four stories build up to the creation of a speech- this speech can be then used for the speaking and listening component of GCSE English Language.

What skills are covered in this series of lessons?

  • Vocabulary list
  • Narrative perspectives
  • Inferences
  • Language devices (simile, metaphor, personification)
  • Analysis of language devices
  • Structural devices (parallel, climax, characters
  • Rhetorical questions
  • Evaluation questions

Materials for the Lessons

Files you will need for all Lessons print off one…

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