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The Edusites Guide to Lynn Nottage’s ‘Sweat’

Richard Gent | Wednesday January 10, 2024

Categories: KS5 Resources, KS5 Literature, Cambridge AS and A Level 8695 IGCE, Drama, Sweat Lynn Nottage, Lynn Nottage

Synopsis and Overview

In 2008 Jason and Chris are released from prison, having served time for the horrific injuries they inflicted on Stan, a bar-keeper and Oscar, his assistant, in the violent brawl in 2000, which forms the climax of the action. Jason is still angry and belligerent with Evan, his parole manager; Chris is softer: repentant, and later claims that Bible has ‘saved my life’. Subsequently we see them with their respective mothers: Tracey: like Jason, is belligerent, foul mouthed, nasty and resentful and now addicted to prescription opiates: she is unemployed and unemployable; and Cynthia: kinder and more thoughtful, still trying to keep going with two meagre part time jobs.

Finally, we see Jason, Chris, Stan (who is now severely crippled and brain injured) and Oscar in the closing scene ‘uneasy in their bodies, awaiting the next moment in their fractured togetherness.’

The rest of the play delineates the story in 2000 of why these events occurred and exactly how they and the community they represent became so ‘fractured’......Read more in our printable pdf

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