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WJEC Eduqas GCSE Eng Lit Component 2: Unseen Poetry Scheme »

jallen | Tuesday October 13, 2015

Categories: KS4, WJEC Eduqas GCSE, WJEC Eduqas GCSE English Literature 2015, Component 2: Prose, Drama and Unseen Poetry, Component 2: Prose, Drama and Unseen Poetry Schemes, Hot Entries, Poetry, Blake, The Sick Rose, Burns, A Red Red Rose, Frost, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, The Road Not Taken, Gunn, Considering the Snail, Hannah, Symptoms, Kemp, I Sing the Battle, Morgan, A Gull, Sandburg, Sketch, Reading, Language Analysis, Understanding Structure, Understanding Vocabulary, Writing, Analytical Writing, Poetry Analysis

Associated Resources Worksheet 1.docx Worksheet 1 Level 1-3.docx Worksheet 2.docx Worksheet 3.docx Worksheet 4.docx Worksheet 5.docx Teacher’s Copy Worksheet 5.docx Success in the Unseen Poetry Section.pptx Unseen Poetry - Component 2 Part C This scheme of work focuses upon the unseen poetry section of the paper. It is worth a total of 40 marks, with the whole paper being awarded up to 120 marks. This section is worth 20% of the overall GCSE Literature percentage. Summary of the Exam The… [ read full article ] »