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What are the differences between 0627 and 0990? »

Richard Gent | Tuesday February 04, 2020

Categories: KS4, Cambridge iGCSE, Introduction, Cambridge iGCSE English, 9-1 IGCSE, 9-1 IGCSE English Language , IGCSE English Language CIE 0627, IGCSE English Language CIE 0990, 9-1 IGCSE English Literature, IGCSE English Literature CIE 0477, Hot Entries, Writing, Comparing & Contrasting, Contextual Linking, Contextual Research, Informative Account

IGCSE Overview What are the differences between 0627 and 0990? Syllabus 0627 replaced syllabus 0522 for examination from 2017 onwards Paper 1 and Paper 2 are graded using a numerical grading scale of 9–1 Paper 1  0627 Reading Passages is 2 hours 10 minutes and is worth 50% of the total marks. There are three questions: Comprehension; Summary; Comprehension and Comparison. The three unseen passages for Paper 1 will be taken from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. In Syllabus 0990… [ read full article ] »

Edexcel GCSE English and English Language Writing Guide »

Richard Gledhill | Tuesday May 06, 2014

Categories: KS4, EDEXCEL GCSE, Hot Entries, Writing, Creative Writing, Descriptive Writing, Informative Account, Narrative Writing, Persuasive Writing, Travel Writing, Edexcel English, Edexcel Unit 2: Writers Craft

click on image to enlarge Teacher’s Notes. This guide is specifically aimed at GCSE writing for English / English Language Edexcel Exam board. That said, the teaching of writing is a skills’ focused unit so the guide can easily adapted for use with GCSE syllabuses from AQA, WJEC and OCR or the iGCSE syllabuses. It covers all of the assessment criteria from organising and planning to sentence structure and apostrophes and again, although the focus is Edexcel, broadly similar assessment… [ read full article ] »

AQA GCSE Unit 3b Guide to Creative Writing: Informative Account »

Sarah Mellor | Friday November 22, 2013

Categories: KS4, AQA GCSE, Hot Entries, Writing, Productive, Creative or Original Writing, Informative Account, AQA English, Unit 3 Creative Texts, AQA English Language , Unit 3 Understanding Texts and Creative Writing

click on image to enlarge Introduction The resources contained here are designed for students studying GCSE English (focused on the AQA Specification). The resources are designed specifically for students of Lower Ability as well as those with certain specific Special Educational Needs. The exam boards’ only differentiation concession is to create a Higher and Foundation Tier paper each series, they do not specifically cater to students who struggle to access the basics in English – so we… [ read full article ] »