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Stella’s An Inspector Calls

Richard Gent | Thursday November 22, 2018

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Early attempts

How does Priestley present attitudes towards responsibility in “An Inspector Calls”?

This was one of my first exam question on “An Inspector Calls” after focusing on “Jekyll and Hyde” and “Much Ado About Nothing”. This is an example of a grade 5, because it didn’t include some important structural features of a play or effects on the audience.

These points were:

  • Dramatic irony
  • Contemporary views
  • Foreshadowing

You must include structural features of a text in your answer to achieve the higher marks.

For this text structural features include:

  • Foreshadowing
  • Dramatic irony
  • Unities of time, place and action
  • One setting
  • Cyclical structure
  • Allegory

Here is the essay I wrote

  • Social Responsibility Essay

“An Inspector Calls” Plans

These are my 10 minute question plans. They are very helpful for writing under time constraints. Each should have 3 or 4 points with at least 3 quotes (and devices) from different parts of the text, context, a keyword to analyse and some structural features e.g. play, setting, time period. Colour coding is very helpful! Of course your plan in the actual exam will not be this detailed but these plans will help imbed some excellent points for each type of question in your mind so planning in your exam will not take as long.

  • Question Plans

Paragraph Practice

Practising paragraphs in class is a very useful tip! It helped me make sure my paragraphs didn’t get too lengthy or lead off the question. Also, highlighting is another way to help you see select your own areas of improvement. Here I have used pink for devices, light pink for context and blue for link back to question.

  • Judgement paragraph
  • Use of Time Paragraph

For this question my weakest areas were keyword analysis (a crucial part of your exam) and varying my points. In addition, my paragraphing is quite messy. Highlighting means: blue – link to question, pink – devices and context.

  • Explore how Sybil Birling...

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