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GCSE English Language Spoken Language Study Scheme of Work »

Beth Kemp | Thursday September 05, 2013

Categories: KS4, AQA GCSE, WJEC Eduqas GCSE, Hot Entries, Speaking & Listening, Individual, Group, Drama-Focused, Spoken English, GCSE Spoken English, AQA English Language , Unit 3 Understanding Texts and Creative Writing, WJEC GCSE English Language, Unit 4 Spoken Language

click on image to enlarge Spoken Language Study at GCSE Some advice from an A Level English Language specialist Firstly, don’t worry! What students are being asked to do at this level isn’t linguistically ‘heavy’ and will not require a lot of new terminology in order for them to do it very well indeed; in fact, many of us who were comfortable with the linguistics from our teaching of A level initially went overboard on concepts and terminology, producing students who, intoxicated by… [ read full article ] »

Improvise Task Based on Lord of the Flies »

Jack Todhunter | Friday August 07, 2009

Categories: Prose, Lord Of The Flies, Writing, Productive, Creative or Original Writing, Speaking & Listening, Drama-Focused

If you have read the last page of the novel Lord of the Flies, you will realise that William Golding had the novel Coral Island in mind when he wrote his tale. The Task The following playlet explores some of the issues involved. Once you’ve read the script, improvise a response then write it up. What exactly DOES he think? Does he sympathise with Golding or attack his views? The following scene takes place in the common room of a public school. One teacher is sipping coffee and marking… [ read full article ] »