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A Level English Language - Frameworks Grammar »

Steve Campsall | Tuesday July 17, 2018

Categories: Dictionary & Grammar, Grammar Framework, Grammar, Literary & Linguistic Terms, Writing, Linguistic Analysis

If there’s one ‘framework’ that has the ability to haunt both teacher and student alike, it is surely grammar. For many teachers, putting a tentative toe into the Sea of Grammar seems all-too-easily to risk slipping on a coastal shelf and floundering to seemingly bottomless and very murky depths – not waving but drowning, maybe? This guide is the result both of a passion for grammar and several years of trying to find ways to teach it that work for students of varying… [ read full article ] »

Dictionary of Literary & Linguistic Terms »

Richard Gent | Thursday February 17, 2011

Categories: Dictionary & Grammar, Literary & Linguistic Terms, Hot Entries

Click on the link to browse EnglishEdu’s Dictionary of Literary & Linguistic Terms or use the Glossary Search in the right sidebar. [ read full article ] »