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An Inspector Calls

Richard Gent | Thursday November 22, 2018

Categories: Community Q&A, Resources

I’m looking for some help with Edexcel Unit 3 English Lit Contemporary Drama for An Inspector Calls. I’m looking for the written assessment help, not the exam. I’ve never taught it! Looking for a SoW that I can use for a controlled assessment… The essay question is ‘To what extent does the character of Arthur Birling change in the course of AIC’... Would you point me in the right direction please? Thanks, Su Chapman

Don’t worry - it is a very straightforward play, and they will enjoy it and handle the assessment easily. I’m teaching it for the exam (for the 14th time…!) I will forward you some materials and they will include an essay plan I used with my Year 11s on Arthur Birling. The following resources include: a quick quiz on social/political contexts; an outline of the play with a breakdown of which characters are on stage & when done in a grid with page refs and a column for students to tick which pages they select for re-reading/finding relevant quotations on whatever projects you set them, close analysis starter on Arthur Birling looking at language & dramatic techniques, a fairly detailed essay help sheet for writing about Arthur Birling in Act 1, group project to create legal speeches for the firm of Ghost, Ghoul & Spectre based on Act 3 and an outline of dramatic techniques hand-out. There are many useful resources and schemes of work out there. As a rule of thumb I’d aim to include viewing a good production, drama and empathy work in response to characters and dilemmas and close analysis of dramatic and language techniques. I hope this is some help! Catherine Brennan