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Aspects of Narrative | AQA Specific Section: Assessment Objectives, etc.

Steve Campsall | Sunday October 09, 2011



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1. Introduction
2. AQA Specific Section: Assessment Objectives, etc.
3. A Critical Vocabulary
4. Tips for Improving Exam Grades
5. Guide to Narrative: Narrative Frameworks
6. Guide to Narrative: Narrative Concepts
7. Focalisation and Diegesis
8. Mimesis
9. Narrative Forms and Structures
10. AQA Specific Exam Tips
11. Help with Exam Revision
12. Analysis of Cousin Kate, poem by Christina Rossetti

Note | This first section apples to AQA students only. In Section A of the exam paper, the ‘odd numbered’ parts of each question (Qu. 1:1; Qu. 2:1) test only AO2; the ‘even numbered’ parts (Qu. 1:2; Qu. 2:2) test the remaining three AOs (AO1, AO2 and AO3). The way the questions are asked will, however, guide you to answer in way that meets the right AOs. In Section B, only AO1, AO2 and AO3 are tested, not AO4.

  • The following is intended to show you what’s needed to achieve each AO. If you want to read the actual AQA Assessment Objectives, click here.


On exam day, once you have the exam paper on the desk in front of you please be certain that you have understood exactly what the questions are asking. Using a highlighter pen to mark any key words or bullet points is a useful tip as these will form part of the mark scheme. Each year, many marks are lost through a failure to answer the question.

  • If you would like any help with general revision, please click here.
  • To score highly in AO1, your exam essay answers need to take the form of a structured and well-supported argument.

The way to create such an ‘argument’ is to work out an overall ‘view’ or ‘conclusion’ as your ‘answer’ to the exam question, done by ‘weighing up’ your response to the question in the light of your understanding of the texts in question. Of course, there are no actual ‘answers’ to any English Literature question – this isn’t an area of study like maths or chemistry where an exact and objective answer is...

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