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Athol Fugard | Coming Home | Lesson 2

Richard Gent | Wednesday January 02, 2019

Categories: KS5 Resources, KS5 Literature, Cambridge AS and A Level 8695 IGCE, Drama, Athol Fugard, The Train Driver, Coming Home , Have You Seen Us?

Lesson Plan Two

Starter Activity

Look at this early scene in Act One on PP 62-65 starting with the SD ‘Mannetjie begins taking off his shoes……’ to Veronica: ‘Dead and buried in Cape Town’.

Working in groups of three or four read through the exchange to yourselves and then divide it up into the group number and read it (or portions of it) aloud to each other. Then:  discuss and agree on the tone, nuance and emphasis of the lines and how those qualities are modulated and varied/ developed as it progresses. Make sure you agree (or agree to disagree) on this before you move on.

Main Activity

Beneath the superficial hilarity lurk a number of very serious issues which come to be central issues in the play.

How are the following presented in this passage?

  1. The ways in which Veronica and Mannetjie’s previous experiences determine their reactions to Alfred’s arrival and entry.
  2. Veronica’s inheritance from Oupa both seen and unseen;
  3. Alfred’s manner of delivering this…..
  4. And the way he expresses the detail of the responsibility Oupa has entrusted him with.

Extension Activity

Consider the ways the passage introduces us to ghosts and the role they take in the play both here and later.

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