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Athol Fugard | The Train Driver | Exam Questions

Richard Gent | Thursday January 03, 2019

Categories: KS5 Resources, KS5 Literature, Cambridge AS and A Level 8695 IGCE, Drama, Athol Fugard, The Train Driver, Coming Home , Have You Seen Us?

All Plays Sample Essay Titles

Recap: the following tasks have already been set in Specification 9695 papers 31-33 for all three texts

  1. In what ways and with what dramatic effects does Fugard present characters who face moral choices in these plays?
  2. Discuss Fugard’s dramatic presentation of ‘white guilt’ in ‘The Train Driver’ and ‘Have you seen us?’
  3. Discuss Fugard’s dramatic presentation of prejudice in these plays.
  4. Discuss Fugard’s dramatic presentation of South Africa in these plays.
  5. In what ways and with what dramatic effects, does Fugard present feelings of guilt in these plays?
  6. Discuss Fugard’s dramatic presentation of good listeners in these plays.

On The Train Driver



Question 1

One critic described the play as ‘a beautiful and haunting play of redemptive power’. How far do you agree with this assessment?


Question 2

Analyse Fugard’s dramatic presentation of the oppression of the individual in ‘The Train Driver’. You should pay careful attention to language, tone and action in your answer.



Question 1

Analyse the following extract from ‘The Train Driver’ considering it in relation to Fugard’s dramatic methods and concerns in the play.

Roelf: (looking around) So this is your place…. Your ikhaya…. Your home.

Simon: Ewe

Roelf: Ja, well… as they say: no place like it, hey? That’s for fucking sure.

He shakes his head in disbelief

If Lorraine- my wife- could see me now! She’d make me soak in Clorox for a week before she’s…

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