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Cambridge IGCSE 9–1 English Literature 0477 | Unseen Poetry Anthology

Richard Gent | Sunday May 04, 2014

Categories: KS4, EDEXCEL iGCSE

Unseen Poetry Anthology


This Anthology is for teachers of English Literature CIE Specification 0477 and in particular Paper 3 Unseen Comparison for those candidates intending to compare the two poems.

IGCSE English Literature poetry assesses the extent to which candidates can develop an informed, personal, critical response to a poem, considering some of the ways in which the writer has presented their ideas. The response also assesses the ability to make comparisons and links across poems.

The CIE specification for unseen poetry requires candidates to identify similarities/ differences between two poems. The link(s) between the two poems should be clear and as students work through the two poems, they will be forming ideas which can be used in their response to this task based on comparison.

At the end of each section there are exam style questions with indicative content. You can make each chapter into a booklet for you students to use as homework or in class.