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Cambridge IGCSE 9–1 English Literature 0477

Richard Gent | Saturday October 14, 2017

Categories: KS4, EDEXCEL iGCSE, EDEXCEL iGCSE English Literature

Edusites resources for the Cambridge IGCSE 9-1 English Literature 0477 are intended to compliment the CIE resources available from the CIE website. To help teach this specifications and for your students to make measurable progress Edusites has engaged some of the best writers and English experts to both write and moderate these materials ensuring that what we bring to you has a carefully constructed for your classroom practice.

Below are links to the three main resources, please be aware that despite the little links these resources are thoughtful and comprehensive and enable you to develop schemes of learning around them.

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In addition to these IGCSE resources your subscription to Edusites English also includes access to all of our other resources through other exam boards. For example if you are delivering Mansfield Park our legacy resources are a great place to start with your planning.

Please use the link below for 0477 Specific Resources

Paper 1 Poetry and Prose first Examination in 2019

Section A: Poetry

  • Section A Poetry Exam Extracts and Mark Schemes

Section B: Prose

  • Section B Prose Exam Extracts and Mark Schemes

Paper 2 Drama

Section A: Shakespeare

Memorising Macbeth Quotations?

  • ‘Slices’ for GCSE English Literature


  • Section A Shakespeare Exam Extracts and Mark Schemes

Section B: Drama

  • Section B Drama Exam Extracts and Mark Schemes

Paper 3 Unseen Comparison

Poem Extracts

  • Paper 3 Poem Extracts and Mark Schemes

Prose Extracts

  • Paper 3 Prose Extracts and Mark Schemes

Unseen Poetry Anthology

This Anthology is for teachers of English Literature CIE Specification 0477 and in particular Paper 3 Unseen Comparison for those candidates intending to compare the two poems.

IGCSE English Literature poetry assesses the extent to which candidates can develop an informed, personal, critical response to a poem, considering some of the ways in which the writer has...

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