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Cambridge IGCSE First Lang Eng Reading Passages Scheme

Paul Merrell | Saturday June 29, 2019

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  • Example First Person Narrative. New pdf
  • When Disaster Strikes Booklet 2014. New pdf
  • Features of the Narrative Voice Grid. New pdf
  • News Report and International. New pdf
  • Three Non-Fiction Texts - Features of the Narrative Voice. New pdf

Preparing Students for this Examination

I would suggest that this question can be answered in several ways

Firstly, the skills that your students will need to do well in Paper 2 are ones that you will, hopefully, be able to build throughout delivering the English Literature and First Language English courses. In reading the literature texts, and completing a variety of writing exercises and through practising comprehension skills, you will be able to build them towards great security in this paper.

Certainly, we have found that our pupils gained much insight into Question 1 through the completion of their Coursework Portfolio; that the skills of analysis and close reading we developed through studying Thomas Hardy were of great use for Question 2; that repeated focus on breaking pages of I’m the King of the Castle down to their ‘headlines’ was a step in the right direction for Question 3 etc. One of the really positive things about 0500 is that the skills required all seem to mesh together over the two years, rather than being a bolt on for which it is hard to revise.

Secondly, rigorous and repeated completion of exam-style responses is crucial. There are a number of papers in the ‘new style’ and there are a whole host of past papers available at CIE Teacher Support (as well as a very supportive Community page) which, with a very few minor adjustments, can be made into ‘new style’ papers. I cannot overemphasise the importance of the usefulness of your students doing the hard yards here. Paper 2 can hold no surprises for the student that has completed all of the past papers - practising all six of the possible writing styles. Beyond that, the format, in effect, is always the same!


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