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CIE English Language Reading 0627 | Unseen Anthology

Richard Gent | Thursday May 10, 2018


Some general tips:

  • The assessment of reading skills in this paper is based entirely on unseen texts. Consequently whenever possible students should practice analysing texts as ‘unseens’ as the norm in their study of both English Language and English Literature
  • Try to harness good reading skills from Key Stage 3 onwards by introducing students to a range of reading texts from the 19th to 21st centuries across a range of genres and increasing the challenge of these texts up into Key Stage 4
  • As 19th Century texts are prominent in this unit your students should build up a clear understanding of the 19th century context, the sort of society it was and the styles of language used. This should cover both non- fiction and fiction texts
  • There is clear crossover here with English Literature where the literary heritage texts studied in both prose and poetry can be taught alongside these texts as integrated exercises