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CIE English Language Reading Anthology 0627 (9-1) | Childhood

pdodd | Friday March 02, 2018

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From the CIE English Language specification (0627):
The skills covered in the syllabus are outlined below for the different areas of language developed.


  • Demonstrate understanding of extended texts, and of the words and phrases within them
  • Synthesise, develop, analyse and critically evaluate facts, ideas and opinions
  • Extract appropriate information for specific purposes
  • Summarise and use material for a specific audience and purpose
  • Demonstrate understanding of how writers achieve their effects and influence readers
  • Recognise and respond to linguistic devices, including figurative language
  • Compare writers’ ideas and perspectives and how these are conveyed
  1. Candidates should engage with a range of genres and types from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, including literature, fiction and non-fiction, and other forms of writing, such as essays, reviews and articles
  2. This study should include focus on writers’ use of language and style and the ways in which writers achieve effects and influence readers. Candidates should study how influence may include fact, ideas, perspectives, opinions and bias
  3. The sample texts that have been produced in this Anthology are based loosely around eight themes to allow for comparison and they illustrate the range of genres described above. Students should build up in their learning a wide portfolio of sources that they can use beyond this in preparation for the exam

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