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Edexcel iGCSE English and English Literature Guide to Anthology Texts

Steph Atkinson | Friday April 26, 2019

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Overview and Guide to Grids for the Edexcel Anthology Texts

These teaching grids can be used with any GCSE syllabus for which the analysis of non-fiction, media, poetry or prose is required. Whilst initially intended for those pupils sitting the Edexcel English Language and English Literature iGCSE / Certificates, they have been created to work across all exam boards and to be multi-purpose, hopefully providing a worthwhile and timesaving resource. A free copy of the anthology is available from the Edexcel website.

Possible ways of using them in your teaching include:

  • as resources to help you yourself get to grips with the texts before you teach them
  • as easily-editable texts to produce ‘cloze’ activities for students to complete in different ways
  • as style models for students to produce their own grids for different texts, including unseen texts
  • as resources which will broaden your students’ use of terminology and vocabulary
  • as examples of different textual interpretation
  • as examples of high level textual analysis
  • as revision tools

Associated Resources

The list of associated resources below may be particularly useful if you are not teaching Edexcel and are looking for a certain text type:

Section A

  • From Touching the Void.doc (non-fiction)
  • Your Guide to Beach Safety.doc (media and non-fiction)
  • Climate Change Webpage - Greenpeace UK.doc (media and non-fiction)
  • Climate Change The Facts.doc (non-fiction)
  • From A Game of Polo with a Headless Goat.doc (journalistic non-fiction)
  • From A Passage to Africa.doc (journalistic non-fiction)
  • From The Explorers Daughter.doc (autobiographical non-fiction)
  • Explorers, or Boys Messing About.doc (non fiction; newspaper article)
  • From Taking on the World.doc (autobiographical non-fiction)
  • From Chinese Cinderella.doc (autobiographical non-fiction)

Section B

  • Disabled.doc (World War One poem)
  • Out Out.doc (American poem)
  • Refugee Blues.doc (British World...

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