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Eduqas GCSE Language C1 Reading and Creative Prose Writing Brothers Mark Scheme

Emily Prentice | Thursday May 02, 2019


Question 1

Read lines 1-5 (para one) List five reasons why people would think Ciaran was leading an unhealthy life. [5]

  • He has a fat/bloated/big stomach
  • His shirts do not fit/His stomach pokes through his shirt
  • He likes ale/pub food/takeaways/tobacco (one mark for each- so three marks for all three even if on one line)
  • He is lazy/doesn’t like exercise (one mark for each- so two marks for both even if on one line)
  • He has a fat face/paunchy face/rotund stomach

DO NOT ACCEPT: he is a man;

  • he is unhealthy;
  • he is old;
  • he doesn’t like being fat;
  • anything from elsewhere in the text.

Question 2

Read lines 6-12 How does the writer show you the effect being with Ciaran has upon Niall’s behaviour?

  • You must refer to the text to support your answer, using relevant subject terminology where appropriate. [5]
  • “cautiously” implies nervousness, hesitation, apprehension- he isn’t sure about getting in with his brother, perhaps doesn’t trust him or want to be there with him.  OR he is cautious about the water or the boat.
  • His actions are that of someone who is scared/nervous “leg jiggled” and hands “taptaptapped” as if he can’t sit still, feels uncomfortable, uneasy- doesn’t trust his brother, or doesn’t want to be in the boat.
  • His voice ‘lost’ as if he cannot be found, he doesn’t have confidence to speak, feels weak in front of his brother.
  • The stones/wishing well coins are symbolic of his discomfort there and how he wants to be somewhere else.  A wishing well is a childish notion, and fits with Niall’s whimsical personality.

Niall cautiously stepped into the boat.  He was his brother’s opposite: small, dark, careful.  His face was marked with freckles, and they gave him a misleading look of youthfulness.  He had pale blue eyes that always seemed to be wet with tears, and when he tried to look someone directly, his head ducked to the side with uncertainty.  His brown hair had never greyed, nor thinned, and instead had continued...

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