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Eduqas/WJEC GCSE English Language C2 Exam Paper RTPW Safari

Richard Gent | Thursday May 12, 2016


Materials for Assessment

Files you will need for the exam

  • Eduqas/WJEC GCSE English Language C2 Exam Paper Reading and Transactional/Persuasive Writing
  • WJEC Paper 2 Source A
  • WJEC Paper 2 Source B

Files you will need to mark the exam papers

  • Eduqas/WJEC GCSE English Language Component 2 Mark Scheme Reading & Transactional/Persuasive Writing

Many thanks to all schools who took part in our second mock exam project and thanks again to all the schools who put themselves forward. We were overwhelmed with the positive feedback and generosity of busy teachers and hope you find this useful. We are sorry that we are unable to include this project within the cost of your subscription but the quality of documents you are looking at is critical and we could not reproduce the detail you needed online.

These live scripts use our most recent assessment papers available on a download below

Live Scripts PDF

  • Eduqas GCSE English Language C2 Exam Paper RTPW Safari Live Scripts

This PDF includes

  • Ten exam scripts especially selected from a range of live student papers taken just before the summer holiday to exhibit a particular aspect or potential query point of the exam
  • Colour-copied scripts show teacher and examiner’s comments and all include an examiner’s comment and report for each exemplar script
  • No papers have grades on them but they do have numerical scores and these are within the banding awarded to all new GCSE examinations
  • Our examiner comments are written by a Chief, Principal and Subject Examiner who is also the author of many texts on GCSE English Language and our new mock exams papers and mark schemes used for this project
  • These exam papers have been moderated by another Chief Examiner to ensure that quality is robust

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