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Macbeth Group Presentations

Steph Atkinson | Wednesday November 21, 2018


Shakespeare Coursework Group Presentations on ‘Macbeth’


In your scene, how does Shakespeare present Lady Macbeth’s character in order to show the changing relationship between her and Macbeth?

Make sure you:

  • Discuss your analysis of the kind of language Lady Macbeth is given to use by Shakespeare.
  • Discuss the effects this is likely to have on both Shakespeare’s and a modern audience.
  • Link your chosen scene to other scenes and explain how Lady M’s character and her relationship with her husband changes
  • Discuss how Shakespeare’s play reflects key aspects the social context of his time.

Scene allocated to your group:

How to prepare for your group presentation:

1. Make notes on your allocated scene using the 4 bullet points above to guide you: what kind of language does Lady Macbeth use in your scene? What does it make the audience think? How is it similar/different to the language she uses in the other key scenes (Act 1 scene 5, Act 1 scene 7, Act 2 scene 2, Act 3 scene 2, Act 5 scene 1)? How does the relationship change and how does it reflect social context?

2. Divide the group’s notes into 5/6 sections so you all have something to present.

3. Write a brief introduction (telling us what the main points you will discuss are) and conclusion (why you think Shakespeare portrayed Lady Macbeth and Macbeth in this way).

4. Then plan the structure of your presentation. Work out who will present on which section, in what order you will speak and how you will link your ideas to social context.

5. Practise your presentations individually.

6. Practise your presentations as a group – make sure all transitions between speakers are smooth.

7. Double check…

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