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The Great Gatsby - Ten Common Misconceptions

Richard Gent | Thursday October 29, 2020

Categories: KS5 Resources, KS5 Literature

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Here Chris Barcock Chief Examiner was very keen to develop resources exploring the most common mistakes he sees in A Level scripts. In conjunction with detailed guides these thorough resources help your students not to fall into common pitfalls. The common mistakes waste time in an exam and offer very few if any marks and cause examiners to bang their heads against the nearest wall.

  • Common Misconceptions 1 New PDF
  • Common Misconceptions 2 New PDF
  • Common Misconceptions 3 New PDF
  • Common Misconceptions 4 New PDF
  • Common Misconceptions 5 New PDF
  • Common Misconceptions 6 New PDF
  • Common Misconceptions 7 New PDF
  • Common Misconceptions 8 New PDF
  • Common Misconceptions 9 New PDF
  • Common Misconceptions 10 New PDF

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The History of Literature on The Great Gatsby

Do you listen to podcasts? I have referred to The History of Literature before honestly the podcast on The Great Gatsby is beautiful.

We can listen to it on the bus in the car and walking the dog. In this time of uncertainty and personal connections increasingly complex listening to an expert offering his perspective. He tells us that ‘the book is short 55,000 words. Fitzgerald had in mind something new’. The presenter, Jack Wilson, sounds rambling and soft and is so easy to listen to.

Full of contextual details and history...

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