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What is Tragedy? Podcasts

Richard Gent | Friday November 05, 2010

Categories: Shakespeare, Shakespeare’s Plays

Click on the links below to access a series of excellent podcasts entitled ‘What is Tragedy?’ by Oliver Taplin (Emeritus Professor) and Joshua Billings, (a graduate student in the Oxford Classics Faculty).

Source: http://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/

‘Tragedy has been around for over 2500 years, from its earliest manifestations in the huge open-air gathering-places of Athens and other Greek city-states, to the theatres of Renaissance England, Spain and France, right through to the twentieth century with its cinematic tragedies, and the disturbing works of Harold Pinter and Samuel Beckett.

In four dialogues, Oliver Taplin, Emeritus Professor, and Joshua Billings, a graduate student in the Oxford Classics Faculty, ask and discuss what tragedy is, what tragedy does for people, whether tragedy teaches, and if tragedy is still alive today.’

Is Tragedy still Alive?

Is Tragedy still Alive? Podcast

Does Tragedy Teach?

Does Tragedy Teach? Podcast

What does Tragedy do for People?

What does Tragedy do for People? Podcast

Defining Tragedy

Defining Tragedy Podcast