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Love Through The Ages | The Examination

Ruth Owen | Monday October 15, 2012



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  4. Further Reading
  5. Symptoms of Love, Graves
  6. On Chesil Beach
  7. The First Tooth, Lamb
  8. The Deserter
  9. The Soldier, Brooke
  10. A Lady of Letters
  11. Sonnet 130, Shakespeare
  12. Measure for Measure
  13. Hamlet
  14. Othello
  15. King Lear
  16. Equus
  17. Great Expectations
  18. Enduring Love
  19. Mid-Term Break, Heaney
  20. Your Last Drive
  21. The Going
  22. The Waste Land, Elliot

In this examination you are required to answer two questions. There is no choice and each question carries the same number of marks – 40 for each question, so obviously you need to give them equal time and attention.

You must familiarise yourself fully with what is required of you because if you do not follow the instructions correctly you will lose marks, no matter how brilliant your wrong answer is.

So, just to make it absolutely clear, this is what you must do.

Question 1

You are to compare two unseen extracts which are of the same genre and to make relevant reference and connections to your Wider Reading in the same genre. If both extracts are prose, then you must refer only to prose texts from your wider reading. You will receive no marks for any reference which is not prose. Therefore any poetry or drama that you refer to will gain you nothing at all. 

Question 2

Here you are asked to compare two unseen texts from the remaining 2 genres.  Your Wider Reading references can be from any genre. So if the question one extracts are in prose, one of the 2 extracts would be poetry and the other drama. Unlike in question 1, in question 2 you will be able to refer to all 3 genres. Digest this information fully –it is an awful feeling to realize that you lost marks and missed your grade for something as basic as this. Every year a few people make this completely avoidable mistake.

Here is a diagram to help you visualise the structure of the examination.

Question 1

click on image to enlarge

Question 2

This question will invite...

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