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Stella’s An Inspector Calls »

Richard Gent | Thursday November 22, 2018

Categories: Student Room, KS4, Drama, An Inspector Calls , Mocks, Mock Exams, Writing

Early attempts How does Priestley present attitudes towards responsibility in “An Inspector Calls”? This was one of my first exam question on “An Inspector Calls” after focusing on “Jekyll and Hyde” and “Much Ado About Nothing”. This is an example of a grade 5, because it didn’t include some important structural features of a play or effects on the audience. These points were: Dramatic irony Contemporary views Foreshadowing You must include structural features of a text in… [ read full article ] »

Stella’s Language Paper 1 »

Richard Gent | Monday September 12, 2016

Categories: Student Room, KS4

Jamaica Inn Question 2 This is the same question – one completed earlier, after Christmas, in year 11 and the other completed nearing exam season. You can see the difference in the level of sophistication in the answer. I manipulate my language use to make a flowing piece of writing which is more enjoyable to read and easier to understand to focus on my points. Use each of my responses to show higher level student the disparity between my two responses to improve on the flow and… [ read full article ] »

Stella’s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde »

Richard Gent | Monday September 12, 2016

Categories: Student Room, KS4, Prose, The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Reading, Writing

This is the plan I use for every character question I complete. Firstly, each bullet point is a paragraph. The reason why each paragraph is so clearly divided from the others is to help the examiner recognise all the features you have included. This signposting method will automatically make it easier to get into the higher bands. How to Plan a Character Essay This is an example of the exercise I would complete on the morning of the exam. Exam morning quote banks help to refocus your mind from… [ read full article ] »

GCSE Exam Morning Quote Dumps »

Richard Gent | Monday September 12, 2016

Categories: Student Room, KS4, Mocks, Mock Exams

These are examples of the early morning brain dump I did on the morning of my exams. The texts are Much Ado about Nothing, Jekyll and Hyde and An Inspector Calls. Early Morning Quote Bank Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Early Morning Quote Bank Much Ado about Nothing Early Morning Quote Bank An Inspector Calls [ read full article ] »

2017 Summer Exam Rosabel - Exemplar Responses »

Richard Gent | Monday September 12, 2016

Categories: Student Room

Copyright © 2018 Edusites All rights reserved. Permission granted to reproduce for educational use within the subscribing school only. Copying or lending of any part of this document in any form or by any means to external bodies and / or individuals is prohibited. Stella's explanation of how she improved: Edusites printable booklet with examples of a range of levels for Rosabel Click here This Rosabel exam paper is the same as the paper I sat in November 2017 (the start of year 11)… [ read full article ] »